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    With the progress of the society, the rapid development of economy, and the gradual perfection of the world economic system and structure, China is becoming more and more important to the world. In response to the historical theme "Constructing a Harmonious Socialist Society" raised by Chairman Hu, we are shouldering an important historic mission, to promote the national brand and deepening industry chains doesn’t permit any delay. To realize this great mission, China is in need of a large number of capable young people with strong sense of responsibility, urgency, and with the common goal. 

    We would like to show our gratitude to the past 7 years,which TANYU has spent with the support of our society and hard-working of everyone in TANYU. In the process of realizing the internationalization of TANYU, we have established a learning organization to continuously improve our management mechanism, to further develop TANYU philosophy. Although the way in front of us is full of twists and turns, we firmly believe that with the goal in mind, the road will be always on and we will be continuously moving forward with more vitality and success.
    2009 is a year filled with challenges and opportunities for TANYU, With the increasingly fierce market competition and the gradually increased innovation cost, we are now in a hard time which facing huge challenges and, ordeal, Even though, we firmly believe that nothing is difficult for us as long as we strive to provide high quality products and the best after-sale service to our customers all the same!


    The strategy of “TANYU” internationalization has been proved correct. With the great mission of our nation and the highly trust of our employee on shoulder, internationalization is the only way to keep Chinese enterprises moving forward. “TANYU” still have a grand task to perform and a long way to go, there will be a more brilliant page left by“TANYU” in the future. We are determined to strengthen national brand, to have the mission of our enterprise and honor of our nation closely linked, to endeavor to establish an internationally competitive and leading enterprise. With all these in mind, we will definitely make this dream come true.

    What astonished us is that the improper competition by galloping price in the garment accessories industry has become threatened to the whole garment industry. Many enterprises were forced to bankrupt, the garment industry was trapped into crisis. In this case, the resources integration and advantage complementary are urgently needed. Only to fully develop the wisdom and power of the whole team, to establish a new business mode could the win-win situation be achieved, hence the realization of our big cake.



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