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Enterprise Culture:

★Enterprise philosophy:Good credit   Base on human  Pragmatic policy  Innovation

1.Good credit---Expanding business and behaving in good credit,always keeping promise and resolute in deed.
2.Base on human---Persisting the scientific view of "People-Orientation"for development,combining internal cultivation with external introduction of the talent,regarding all worker staffs as our partners,cultivating staffs with TANYU culture and cohering people with TANYU enterprise.Learning a good lesson from the“Horse Racing”mechanism,adhering to the principles as giving priority to the most capable ones, then those ones with less competence, and finally washing out those ones in inferior position. Assessing people based on their performance, inspiring people with their performance, and materializing people's self-value through their performance.
3.Pragmatic policy----Being cautious, conscientious as well as pragmatic, and don't eager to reach what is beyond your ability at present, paying special attention to basic works and accumulating basic skills.
4.Innovation----Make innovation not only on products and its sales but also conception,management and systems,always insisting on innovation is the essential conception for the development of an enterprise,continuous research,development and release of new products to lead the fashion and meet the demands fo customers,recuiting the talent from all directions and hearing the customers and workers' advice effectively to ensure the successfur realization of our strategic aim for sustainable development.

Enterprise spirit:Team-work   Competition   Cooperation    Progress

1.Team-work:to develop teamwork spirit fully by mutual share of resource and
advantages at the guide of core goal of "1+1+1>3",to guarantee improvement of
team effectiveness and general achievements as well as realization of individual
2.Competition:Taking in "the horse race"structure.Only competition can maximize
benefits and provide a show stage for the talent "swift horse"to contribute all
their capability realizing everyone's own value through achievement orientated
assessment standard.
3.Cooperation:implementing four basic principles including mutual cooperation,
working hand in hand,harmonious development and creating win-win situations to
grarantee harmony and a lasting business in the big family of TANYU.
4.Progress:in the spirit of "constantly striving to be stronger and stronger",
devoting to work with positive attitude and progressive spirit as well as 100%
enthusiasm and passion to grow every day.


★Enterprise mission:Creat value for customers,opportunities for employees and benefits for shareholders  and sharing social responsibilities.


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