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Talent Strategy

   21 century is an era of knowledge economy, and talent is the key to knowledge economy development. The competition among the enterprises is essentially the competition of talents. Tanyu, since it inception, has been adhering to the concept of “people-oriented” concept, regards employee as the partners, makes the team spirit fully inspired, and keeps “Tanyu culture &career policy” as core development philosophy. It also brought in the “horse racing” mechanism to strengthen the competition principle, to inspire and manifest the value by evaluating their performance.  


   In order to enhance the core competitiveness among the enterprises, Tanyu is gradually striking up an origination for better learning and improvementand absorbing talents extensively so as to cultivate more backbone for the company to increase the enterprise benefit. With the constant international development, Tanyu attached more importance to the talents, we create better working and living environment for talented personnel and put them in the right position to have their talents fully developed and make win-win policy truly realized in Tanyu.


   If you would like to highly realize your dream, Tanyou will be your best choice.


Talents recruitment policy in Tanyu:


Talents with virture: to enroll with exception;

Non-talent with virture: to train to become talent

Talents with no virture: to use with limitation;

Non-talent with no virture: to deny absolutely


Five “no” principles

1.  No laziness

2.  No immorality

3.  No self-approbation

4.  No boast

5.  No dullness 


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